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Dr. Brian Conway on the Omicron Variant

Dr. Brian Conway recently sat down with Curt Albertson of "Talk New West" to answer some questions about our developing understanding of the new Omicron variant.

They discussed whether it's more transmissible than the other variants (early studies suggest that it may be), whether or not it causes more severe disease, and whether the vaccine is effective against Omicron (it is, but probably less so - Pfizer suggests that a third shot of their vaccine is necessary for an optimal response against the virus, but Dr. Conway believes that the regular regimen of two shots provides adequate protection against severe disease).

In terms of transmissibility: based on recent reports, it is probably more transmissible.

In terms of severe disease: it does not appear to be more severe. The symptoms seem to be mild, and there has not been an increase in hospitalizations related to this particular variant.

Of course, this information could change in a matter of weeks, days, even hours, as this is a developing situation.

Dr. Conway also believes that an Omicron-focused booster is about six months away. So if you are eligible to get a booster before that, you should not dally - the sooner you are boosted against COVID-19, the better.

Watch the interview above for more information about the Omicron variant!

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