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Our Team

The Vancouver Infectious Diseases team consists of DoctorsNurses, Research and Administrative staff who work together in the clinic and within the community to achieve our goals.

We have also partnered up with various organizations to extend the reach and efficiency of our work. 

Reach out if you want to partner with us, or if you want to learn more about our work. 

Our Doctors

Dr. Brian Conway - MD, FRCPC

Medical President,

Infectious Diseases Specialist

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About me

Dr. Brian Conway’s passion and dedication to the medical profession has led him to significantly change the cascade of care for British Columbians. He has effectively ameliorated healthcare for Francophone and HIV/ HCV affected communities in British Columbia. To serve his lifelong commitment to healthcare, he has not only been a physician, but also a conscientious researcher in the field of HCV and HIV. His leadership at VIDC has led to monumental steps in bridging the gap between academic and scientific advancements in the medical field and the needs of patient communities. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and national research institutions, he has created a centre that provides novel treatments and a welcoming space where vulnerable individuals can find care. His work has evolved over the years to match the ever-changing landscapes of infectious diseases – from a focus on clinical retrovirology at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, to his current efforts in reaching the vulnerable and marginalized populations affected by HIV and HCV in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES) through weekly VIDC’s Community Pop-Up Clinics. Through these clinics, thousands of people have been tested and approximately one-third of them have been identified with HCV and/or HIV. Subsequently, these individuals have been successfully engaged into care through Dr. Conway’s innovative EnTEnTE program, which stands for: Engage, Test, Engage, Treat, Engage. Dr. Conway’s efforts in the advancement of healthcare have been awarded with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal of Recognition for significant contribution to the field of HIV/AIDS and vulnerable populations in Canada. He has been recognized extensively in communities, research fields and various political platforms.

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Dr. David Truong - MD, FRCPC

Infectious Diseases Specialist

About me

Dr. David Truong is an Infectious Disease Specialist who joined Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre (VIDC) in August 2016. At VIDC Dr. Truong is a sub-investigator for multiple clinical trials involving novel therapies for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. Dr. Truong is actively involved as an on-site physician at VIDC's Community Pop-Up Clinics (CPCs), which is held weekly in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES) neighborhood. His research projects focus on vulnerable patient populations of the DTES, including developing models of engagement for people who use drugs, continue the standard of care and maintaining to follow up with the patients who have undergone treatment for their Hepatitis C infection. Dr. Truong enjoys his engagements with the DTES population, finding it both challenging and rewarding and intends to continue his active efforts with the VIDC team.

Dr. Jeffrey Wang - MD, CCFP

Outback Lifesaver

Is there a cost to participate

Working with local Councils and community groups, the program has been developed at a heavily discounted rate. The program is part of the Active Kids Voucher System which entitles participants 66% off the price.

What are the requirements for participation?

All children and young people that wish to be part of the Outback Lifesavers Program must

  • Be aged 7 – 14 years of age
  • Complete a Swimming Skills Evaluation prior to commencing activities in the water;
  • Have a parent/ guardian present for the entire program; and
  • Parents and Lifesavers must be willing to participate in an evaluate on the success of the program and skills learnt

Why should my child/ren participate in the program?

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a new and exciting program, bringing Lifesaving to regional inland waterways and pools this summer. The program is structured specifically to ages 5 - 14 years old and the children's swimming abilities, and gradually teaches the children basic lifesaving skills required to be safer in and around a regional aquatic environments - while having fun of course!

Is this a learn to swim program?

Outback Lifesavers is a lifesaving and water safety program. Although your child will benefit enormously and increase their confidence from exposure to open water-based activities including swimming and board paddling, this is not a learn to swim program. Options to enrol into swimming lessons exist with your local aquatic facility through either holiday intensives or weekly lessons.

What will my child/ren be doing in the program?

Outback Lifesavers is an iconic program for many which teaches lifesaving skills whilst extending swimming and water safety competencies. It progressively teaches children basic water safety and lifesaving skills required to be safe around an aquatic environment, whilst encouraging teamwork and developing their skills to become future community lifesavers. Your child/ren will participate in both land-based and water based-activities depending on the schedule, age group and conditions each day. Activities will include;

  • Introduction to Lifesaving
  • Understanding your aquatic environment
  • Understanding other aquatic environments
  • Staying fit and healthy
  • First aid
  • Personal safety network
  • Becoming a community lifesaver
  • Entering and existing the water
  • Sprints/ relays
  • Rescues out of water
  • Survival swimming
  • Lifejackets
  • Boards
  • Search patterns (U12 and above)
  • Recues in water (U12 and above)


Our Nurses

Shawn Sharma

Clinical / Outreach Nurse 

Heidi Tam

Clinical Nurse 

Leo Yamamoto

Clinical Research Nurse 

Our Research Staff

Stella Chan

Clinical Research Coordinator 

Agathe Girard

Clinical Research Coordinator

Daniel Lee

Research Assistant 

Sukhcharan Walia

Research Associate 


Our Administrative Staff

Sandy Chan

Executive Assistant & 

Communications Coordinator

Kitty Poon

Medical Office Assistant 

Valerie Santos

Medical Office Assistant 

Rossitta Yung

General Manager 


Our Partners

VIDC is not working alone. We are a part of a much larger community, made up of pharmaceutical companies, other medical providers and non-profit organizations. Together, we make greater strides towards the goal of developing better systems of care to vulnerable populations.