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Our Team

The Vancouver Infectious Diseases team consists of DoctorsNurses, Research and Administrative staff who work together in the clinic and within the community to achieve our goals.

We have also partnered up with various organizations to extend the reach and efficiency of our work. 

Reach out if you want to partner with us, or if you want to learn more about our work. 

Our Doctors

Our Doctors

Dr. Brian Conway - MD, FRCPC

Medical Director,

Infectious Diseases Specialist

Dr. David Truong - MD, FRCPC

Infectious Diseases Specialist

Our Nurses

Our Nurses

Shawn Sharma RN-c bsn
Director of Clinical Program Development

Caitlyn Southey

Registered Nurse


Tanvir Sandhu

Clinical Research Nurse (LPN)

Erica Cruz

Clinical Nurse

Research Staff

Our Research Staff

Shana Yi

Research Associate

Saina Beitari - Ph.D.

Research Associate

Alisha Jia

Clinical Research Coordinator

Kassim Zafar

Clinical Research Coordinator

Amber Zheng

Clinical Research Coordinator

Our Administrative Staff

Rossitta Yung

General Manager 

Leonie Drouet

Executive Bilingual Assistant

Kitty Poon

Medical Office Assistant 

Tynan Hanton

Medical Office Assistant 

Admin Staff

Angela Jung

Medical Office Assistant / Communications Assistant 

Our Outreach Staff

Alliah Manandeg

Community Case Worker 

David Yuen

Outreach Worker 

John McCann

Outreach Worker 

Our Partners

VIDC is not working alone. We are a part of a much larger community, made up of pharmaceutical companies, other medical providers and non-profit organizations. Together, we make greater strides towards the goal of developing better systems of care to vulnerable populations. 

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