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"B" the Change

It's true - there is currently no cure for Hepatitis B. While we have made strides in the fight against HBV with the Hepatitis B vaccine, unvaccinated individuals who contract Hepatitis B do not have a cure, and may become chronic carriers of the infection.

This does not have to be the case forever. With your help, we can continue to make strides in the fight against Hepatitis B, and hopefully find revolutionary new treatments akin to the work that has been done in the fight against B's unvaccinated sibling, Hepatitis C - for which treatments can reduce the viral load to undetectable levels.

The good news? We are currently offering novel treatments through clinical trials.

If you or someone you know is chronically infected with Hepatitis B, talk to your doctor about how you can get involved. These clinical trials could lead to finding the cure for Hepatitis B, and bringing us one step closer to a #nohep world.


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