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Research Involvement

From sponsor-initiated clinical trials to observational cohort studies and investigator-initiated research programs, VIDC makes strides in scientific advancement while providing access to treatment for marginalized and vulnerable populations. 

The overall mission of the VIDC clinical research team is to understand and advance the knowledge of HCV and HIV transmission, infection, prevention and re-infection to recognize how these impact population-level demographics and prevalence. Our research team presents their findings regularly at forums and conferences both nationally and internationally.

The team obtains funding through grants to support community initiatives such as community pop-up clinics, HIV sexual health promotion workshops and weekly patient  support groups. 

Find a list of published papers and conference posters here > 

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Below is a list of observational studies and clinical trials VIDC is currently enrolling in.

If you would like to participate, please reach out to us at

Clinical Trials

Observational Studies

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