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Outreach Programs

Weekly Community Pop-Up Clinics (CPCs)

The VIDC Outreach Team visits different community centres, shelters and soup kitchens around Vancouver’s DTES neighborhood to set-up CPCs on a weekly basis. Hepatitis C and HIV point-of-care tests are provided for participants and the antibody test results are available within 20 minutes. The CPC team consists of an Infectious Disease Specialist for on-site consultations, nurses and research associates. Gift cards are provided to participants as incentives to get tested for HCV and HIV. The goal of VIDC CPCs is to generate awareness regarding HCV and HIV screening by making the tests accessible to the community, especially for the vulnerable population in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

If you think this may be a valuable service for your organization or patients, please feel free to contact us to get more information on our CPCs.

Weekly Patient Support Groups

Every Friday, VIDC hosts Patient Support Groups for all patients. They include an educational session on HCV, HIV or other health-related conditions in a peer-friendly format to promote patient discussion and knowledge-exchange. A healthy breakfast and lunch are provided, with a $25 gift card draw at the end of each group session. There is no sign-up required and all VIDC patients are welcome.

Peer Support Workers

VIDC has Peer Support Workers (PSW) who are able to share their lived experience of HCV and/or HIV to be a resource for the clients. Our PSW facilitates knowledge-transition among clients and support them as needed. A PSW is always present during the weekly support groups and community pop-up clinics to promote active dialogue between the medical staff at VIDC and the community residents of DTES in a safe and a welcoming environment.

HIV Education Community Workshops

Our project, "HIV Prevention & Sexual Health Promotion" is a series of workshops at community-based sites. The goal is to provide education and point-of-care testing emphasizing HIV risk factors, safer sexual and drug-use practices, and engagement in multidisciplinary health care. We provide tools and educational materials to attendees to promote safer sexual practices and HIV prevention. Most importantly, our goal is to make engagement to a multidisciplinary health care accessible to them.