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Clinical Services

Our VIDC team collaborates with health care providers to complement and supplement the care for each patient. A detailed and individualized care plan is developed to suit the needs and goals of each patient. Through direct links with the Downtown East Side (with our “VIDC Community Pop-Up Clinics” and EnTEnTE initiatives), we seek to Engage patients at risk of HIV & HCV in, Engage them in care by developing an appropriate Treatment plan, and maintain Engagement throughout the course of treatment and beyond.

The dedicated team of physicians, nurses, researchers and support staff at VIDC are focused on one thing: providing with the best available treatment and delivering it in the best possible way.


Support Services

• HCV/HIV screening, diagnosis, assessment & treatment through standard of care or clinical trials to get access to novel therapies 
• Screening and/or Treatment of other Infectious Diseases: Hep A, Hep B, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, HPV and other STDs.
• FibroScanTM Testing available on-site to provide a non-invasive liver fibrosis assessment 
• Regular Adult Vaccinations and Seasonal Flu Clinics 
• Other Injections such as: Vitamin B12, Testosterone, Gardasil etc. 
• Opioid Substitution Therapy: Suboxone Initiation within 24 hours 
• Medical Management for Addictions and Chronic Pain


Support Services

• Assistance with paperwork for: Housing, Pension, Disability, Nutritional Support, Detox Treatment Centre etc. 
• 72-hour turnaround on all paperwork services with no associated fees 
• One-on-one/Group Naloxone Training sessions and renewal of Naloxone Kits

Medical Support Services

Social Support Services