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HIV/AIDS Clinic Vancouver Hepatitis C Clinic Vancouver

HIV/AIDS Clinic Vancouver

We offer specialized treatment and care of HIV, hepatitis C and other infectious diseases. We treat HIV with new antiretroviral medications or utilize novel treatment strategies.

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Hepatitis C Clinic Vancouver

In addition, we treat and cure Hepatitis C infection with new direct antiviral agents within a multidisciplinary care setting. To participate in an HIV or hepatitis C research study please contact us now.

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Welcome to the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Research & Care Centre Society

The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre uses a multidisciplinary care model for the delivery of specialty health care providing expert, state-of-the art diagnosis and treatment of chronic infectious diseases and related conditions (including addiction and pain management), with a focus on HIV and HCV infections. Through innovative models of intervention, VIDC particularly seeks to engage more vulnerable patients in a multi-disciplinary environment of health care. We provide peer-friendly education about disease, state-of-the-art antiviral medications (often available only within research protocols), and comprehensive support during and after treatment within an open, flexible and community-based holistic approach. Services are provided in English and French





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Hepatitis C Treatment Support Group

With: Yashna Bhutani, HCV Nurse
When: Every Friday 10:00AM – 12:00PM
Where: Suite 202-1200 Burrard Street
What: Breakfast, Lunch & Gift Card Draw!



New Liver Diagnostic Tool (Fibroscan) and treatment options for Hepatitis C are available at Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, which can cure your Hepatitis C!

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