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Global Hepatitis Summit June 2018, Toronto, Canada

Our VIDC team which consists of a physician, nurse, research associates and support staff attended the 16th International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease (ISVHLD). With the focus on discussing therapeutic developments, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis, Dr. Conway chaired symposia and presented on VIDC's model of care. We also hosted a booth to showcase and share with others VIDC's active engagements with Vancouver's Downtown Eastside Community and our dedications in working towards the WHO's goals of Hepatitis eradication by 2030.

Presentation at the No Hep Village
The VIDC Team

Red Ribbon 4 Life, 10th Annual Gala

The 10th Annual Gala of Red Ribbons 4 Life Foundation (RR4L) took place on Dec 3rd, 2017. Dr. Brian Conway was the guest speaker for this event. Various performances took place this evening, and VIDC is proud to co-host this successful event with RR4L. This event was able to raise more than $15,000 CAD and all the funds are being donated to the Djaeff Mahler Food Back for HIV/AIDS at the Surrey Lookout Society.


A Red Holiday Fundraiser

The VIDC's 11st annual fundraiser with Red Ribbons 4 Life Foundation (RR4L) occured on Dec 9th, 2018. It was hosted at Surrey City Hall with special attendances by our community partners and civic officials. Continuing our annual tradition, all proceeds are donated to the Djaeff Mahler Food Bank supporting the HIV/AIDS community at the Surrey Lookout Society.

Dr. Conway, Brenda Locke (Surrey Acting Mayor), Martin Rooney (RR4L President)