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The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and support of men of and women living with chronic infectious diseases, with an emphasis on HIV & HCV.

Through innovative models of intervention, VIDC particularly seeks to engage more vulnerable patients in a multi-disciplinary environment of health care. We provide peer-friendly education about disease, state-of-the-art antiviral medications (often available only within research protocols), and comprehensive support during and after treatment within an open, flexible and community-based holistic approach. Services are provided in English and French.

We will collaborate with your current health care providers to complement and supplement the care you are receiving. We may offer targeted care in infectious diseases, more comprehensive general internal medicine primary care, immunizations, injections, addiction care and social support. You pick! A detailed care plan is developed to suit the needs, goals and individual situation of each and every man or woman to whom we have the privilege of providing care. Through direct links with the Downtown East Side (with our “VIDC On The Street” and EnTEnTE initiatives), we seek to Engage patients at risk of HIV & HCV in Testing to determine their status, Engage them in care by developing an appropriate Treatment plan, and maintain Engagement throughout the course of treatment.

The dedicated team of physicians, researchers, nurses and support staff at VIDC are focused on one thing: providing you with the best available treatment for your condition, and delivering it in the best possible way.

Cutting edge treatment. Cutting edge care. Compassionate. Personalized. Effective.

That’s VIDC.