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About VIDC

The Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre uses a multidisciplinary care model for the delivery of specialty health care providing expert, state-of-the art diagnosis and treatment of chronic infectious diseases and related conditions (including addiction and pain management), with a focus on HIV and HCV infections.

The Centre’s staff consisting of medical specialists, nurses, research coordinators and other clinical personnel is ideally equipped to fulfill the Society’s mandate:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases and related conditions with the emphasis on HIV and HCV infections.
  • Provision of timely expert consultation services to other health care providers in the Centre’s areas of expertise.
  • Provision of innovative treatment modalities through research programs including phase 1-4 randomized controlled trials and observational cohort studies.
  • Long-term engagement and maintenance of vulnerable inner city populations in care through the innovative ENTENTE (Engage, Test, Engage, Treat, Engage) program, providing the optimal conditions for involvement of vulnerable and unengaged men and women in care.